Think fast: what’s the first thing you do after realizing you just replied to the e-mail from the Nigerian prince wanting to give you a sum of $34 million? Okay, you most likely didn’t reply to that…but the concept still remains. Do you know what to do immediately upon discovering a virus, e-mail threat or other cybersecurity issue?

You need to have step-by-step instructions about what to do if employees believe they have witnessed a cyber-incident. Training needs to happen NOW – not when the problem is happening. A simple training program can be very effective. Things like physically disconnecting the machine from the network (or the power from the machine), notifying your IT company of any suspicious e-mails or unusual activity and what to do if you lose your mobile device are all parts of a simple yet effective employee cybersecurity plan.

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I'm Robert Patterson with Progressive Computing and I'll be back soon with another IT Security Tip.